Will Trump Leave Office When Voted Out?

There have been three times in my lifetime when i believed that a U.S. President would not relinquish his power (it's always been a "he", hasn't it?) at the end of their term- either by being voted out or timed out.

In 1972 Nixon was re-elected despite his then 'possible' connection to the break-in at the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate and the attempt to create a secret National Security political apparatus in the White House, his intensification of the Vietnam War by genocidal carpet bombing of various Southeast Asian countries, his approval of J. Edgar Hoover's Cointelpro which practiced police and law enforcement murder and harassment of all political opposition to american foreign and domestic policy.

After the election, Watergate became a bigger issue and it was apparent Nixon would be impeached and his top- level staff and administration officials were directly implicated and were about to be arrested for treason, Nixon ultimately resigned. Ironically, rather than being disgraced and prosecuted, he was pardoned before even being tried, thus preserving the age old American elite con of not ever prosecuting/ or bringing to justice, highly regarded and important figures of American politics and corporations for their high crimes and misdemeanors.

This was later to be repeated at the beginning of the Obama administration. More of that in a moment.

So Nixon left his legacy of a corrupt and criminal president, an inability to not only stop a war with considerable moral opposition, and the beginnings of unconstitutional executive power principals, later to be improved upon by Ronald Reagan.

It wasn't until the election of 2000 that the role of extra- constitutional interference became the norm rather than an anomaly. The election of 2000 when George Bush Jr was not only the recipient of the gift of the presidency when the Supreme Court clearly overstepped its constitutional boundary by stopping the vote count in Florida and thus literally giving the presidency to Bush. Then one year later the disaster of 9/11 and all the conspiracies surrounding that, including Bush family ties to Bin Laden family ties, the passage of the Patriot Act, torture, and wars based on false evidence, all matters directly tied to the then president's policies and politics, and, unbeknownst, to the general public, the loosening and ultimately, fragmentation of the corrupt mortgage and banking industry (again).

As if that wasn't bad enough, when the people grow tired of it all and are ready to elect Barack Obama, the economic crash of 2007 ( Great Recession) happens and by passing the cursed baton, Bush hands off the worst economic crisis to whomever the next president will be. (Barack Obama). It ultimately doesn't matter which candidate-McCain or Obama-is elected because the corporations are going to be saved by being bailed out despite their corruption which caused the disease (too big to fail). Bush didnt have to stay, he left his shit all over the place.

Thats two presdents.


As for Trump himself (that's three). It's as if George Wallace (a Democrat), Nixon, Bush, and Reagan merged their respective gene pools plus added a little Mussolini. We're in the middle of a pandemic, a black lives, immigrant, palestinian, foreign policy, climate change, economic and moral crisis catastrophy.


Trump has yet to make it official, yet he intends to stay because he believes he'll be re-elected. It is clear that regardless of actual election results, Trumps legacy is already emerging ( as it has for the last three years) will be to either leaving one of the worst combinations of catastrophic circumstances to the next president ( and right now I don't even want to speculate on whether or not our current democratic presidential candidate and/or liberal politicians are even capable of handling a pandemic, economic collapse, black lives matter, and a REAL need for radical change.

Furthermore, it's already been shown over the last couple of decades that whoever controls the House/Senate controls the American world.

Barack Obama completely capitulated to the Republican Congress and the former president( Bush) by sticking to "too big to fail" policies dictated to him by the Bush Administration rather than coming to the realization that Real Change is much more beneficial than Hoping for Change.

Ironically, the three Presidents I've mentioned were influenced by powerful Cabinet secretaries- Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Pompeo, all who shared similar neo-con/neo/liberal agendas and who were able to convey their policies to their so -called bosses in real time situations by taking advantage of Chaos, a seeming 'natural' result of American and World Capitalism.

Yes, these three neo- fascist presidents were surrounded and sometimes worked their illiberal magic within an atmosphere of a Democratic Congress as the Democratic Presidents also had to work with Republican Congresses.

The conclusion can only be that America is a failed democratic state that does not include real progressive change, despite who or what is in power, and only represents the quickened thunder and lightning of the coming fascist storm.

If Trump makes it look as if he's fixed the economy, many people, small businesses, laid off millions may turn their backs on progressive change just for a little relief from the onslaught of all of the possibilities, but not reality, for changes.



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