The Have and Have Nots

If the have nots only want what the haves have in regards to material wealth, then nothing’s changed.

If the oppressed only want to be the oppressor then nothings changed.

If the haves won't share/give to the have nots then nothings changed.

There only so much to go around and too few have too much, many have what they don't need, and

too many want what can't be bought and can only be stolen.

When will it stop?

This merry go round of desperation and greed.

My only hope is that somewhere in the world/ a child has been born /who will never bend to old/ the forever disgraced/ the folly of youth/the superiority of race/division of gender/but rise up to face/ lead us into the future/ the reciprocity of equal/the sharing of freedom/the it person.


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