The New America

The New America this time will be the better America. Now that we know who the enemy is because the enemy has legitimately taken over all the institutions we have suspected of being not in our interests, the interests of peace, love, and understanding. All the political philosophies from Marxism to Fascism try and direct our lives in such a way that we always have to leave something behind, some integral piece of the puzzle of living in any society, a society that represents the best of us and the worst of us.
We are not perfect by any means but in a society where humility isn't even considered a positive trait because the humble get erased by those who outwardly seek power and money. In a society where seeking peace is the ultimate in futility because we are a society of weapons makers, users, and abusers. In a society where wanting to be free from hate is asking too much as the hate rises to the top of the political heap.
No, we are not perfect by any means. One of the good things is those of us who are humble, seek peace, want to be free, we are so many, so much more than any of those who who want to oppress us. We are durable, tough minded, and in this new America we have learned the lessons of the past. We will not build the ovens.


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