It's Bad, So Sad

It's been really discouraging this time around. The two major candidates just stand around and call each other names. I always figured Hilary for that unpopular high school girl, too smart and let everybody know it. Donald Trump, well, he's another story but for some reason he worries me less than Hilary does. Why? For two reasons.
1. No matter what he says, it doesn't matter because he's not going to be president, But he's good for the news cycle when there aren't massacres, earthquakes, or more Hilary emails.
2. I want to know what Hilary's going to do to get us further into another war but she's too busy throwing camouflage over her foreign policy.

If everybody too afraid to say anything about her because it might inflame Trump supporters then we've reached a sorry state of affairs.
Bernie is trying to organize Our Revolution but the first thing that happened is half a dozen staffers quit because they didn't like the way the non-profit was established.
It takes more than an organization to build society's child. The left is so fragmented.


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