Dawn Rises at Pt. Reyes

The Dawn Rising (pt reyes 2022)

Listening to the coyotes and the roosters compete.

On the news, listen to this nations weep.

Two different civilizations meet.

The crows join in with their ca-ca-cawing tweet.

The quarter moon floats as fog retreats.

This is my morning greet.

As good as it gets, for a moment so sweet.

Bezos rocket to the moon blasts off, 

blows up,

Zelenskies fight wears on, combat hard, 

Camo clothes only to the media core.

Hardliners rule the roost.

There's no sin so greatly prided where

victims must compensate the sinners,

The losers must bend to the winner

The games must go on, the date must turn to rape.

To the losers of the day, inside the churches,

Who knows what they prey on?

(Thanks to phil ochs for a little bit of that line)

Trying to keep the memories straight.

Up sysyfys (sorry to the greeks for that one) hill like a rolling stone.

And don't forget the clamoring crows

Exploding loudly from the trees.

Enacting out some bird sexual frenzy.

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