Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast


 Allred- Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast.

September 28th, 2021


Everybody says they want progress yet no one likes change, except maybe the homeless or poor, and that’s spare change. No one wants to give up something for the better good, no one wants anything better if they have to give up something worse, especially those soft secure routines we hold so dear, they save us from the real fear of die trying. Everybody has their own freedoms, and reasons for taking away somebody else’s freedom and so on and so on we go.


History is filled with good intentions. Ideological thriftstore is more like it. Politicians shop for old worn- out ideas and solutions then dress em up in pretty rhetoric, making us think they’re brand new and don’t all us americano/a’s like brand new?


Since he is getting older and especially since he, like the rest of the civilized world, is riding out

The Covid-19 tidal wave in the relative safe environment of Amazon, Fed-Ex, UPS “essential” deliveries, making jobs for thieves as well as drivers, and contributing to the future by exposing himself to social media via Zoom, Hangouts, Duo, electronic banking- furthering job opportunities to hackers, thieves, African based scams, and homegrown sex illusionists, he is sharing the little pearls of wisdom he has gleaned from Life and living it to the fullest.



you are living in the free world and

in the free world you must stay. Phil Ochs


Isn’t it amazing that given the number of people in the world, more than 70% of them don’t understand a minimum of the economic system they live under, the nature of politics, theories of political, social, and cultural persuasions which govern and influence the lives of all the rest of so called citizens they live near, by or just one favela, ghetto, or urban blight area over from, except from a perspective of  historical Reactionary Principles, which they have no control over either.

Everything understood and accepted as Truth by middle class is null and void to those who rule, which in turn is null and void to those in the working class who work for and with the middle class and rich and wealthy, adhered to all whose beliefs, illusions, superstitions, fears, and simple dreams are conversely rejected by the middle class.

Economic, social, political- cultural life is an eternal game of paper, rock, scissors.


The security I'm looking for is the security of NOT knowing what my country is doing in my name. Or even yours. Call it the security of innocence, not naïveté, but Innocence. We've all lost all or so much of our Innocence and once you've lost it you can't ever retrieve it, even if you try and lose yourself in the nirvana of Buddha, or the big bosom of wealth,



The rule of law

The rule of law has always been the continuous conflict between those who believe the law is suitable for everyone but themselves. Modern democratic nation states like to believe themselves capable of producing a higher and higher degree of sophistication in obtaining fair and impartial interpretation of the law.

That's their first mistake. Going back to the Bible, Talmud, Koran and many other standardized versions of what is law, who gets to punish lawbreakers, who are lawbreakers. In a fascist state, any fascist state whether ancient or modern, whoever controls the enforcement of laws gets to break the laws without punishment. So the question becomes, as Hannah Arendt didn't say, the fight is to see who can get away with breaking the law unpunished and who has to pay the price for breaking the law. 

All that is strictly determined by what questions and what answers they create for themselves when they decide what is a law. All the questions and all the answers contained in the above mentioned books and others have already been asked and answered in a thousand different ways. Every Anarchist should be proud to say, you can pick any answer to any question and you're probably right.


The Seven Deadly Sins and the Law

I don’t know how long ago it was that people understood there were certain over indulgences the human condition fostered to the detriment of the social order. Ever since then somebody proves them right by overindulging.

There is no law against Greed, taking too much, because “too much” can’t ever be defined. It has to do with freedom.

Of course if climate change is left unabated the possibility that extinction would be the most extreme outcome is more possible. But let's be honest. Climate change is a slow process that for however long it exists, the troubles of society will continue to be exacerbated. A lot depends on the politics of economics. If capitalism is in place, I don't see any abatement there, the corporate interests will respond to dwindling resources in certain parts of the world, to redistribute temporarily unaffected resources to the parts of the world able to bring profit. Look to similarities to modern day distribution. In as much as the third world is already at the bottom of economic prosperity except as cheap labor, which it will continue to be. Resources in economically depressed areas will be protected and local communities will fight each other to be employed at these corporate strongholds, whose products will go from the ground to more wealthy nation states worldwide. Again, this is a current condition and the pressures of the current state of affairs will increase as climate change becomes more effective in destroying the more easily obtained, transported, and utilized resources. The small nations, not in the real food chain, will disintegrate into regional conflicts as extremist elements in all societies attempt to gain some control where there are none.

In other words, not much different than what we already have at the present time. Just different music to the world game of musical chairs.


Sayings by allred black


To paraphrase William Burroughs. All Presidents look alike.


Sometimes I wonder where’s our Goldman, where’s our Berkman, where’s our Frick? The answer is we only get Fricks and constant SPAM..


A cowboy once told me that everything he needed to know was within a days ride, that may be good for cowboys but for us, everything you need to know to get along in this world is within walking distance.


Love and Imperfection are, if not the only, certainly two of the most benevolent and universal traits with Imperfection being the more unacceptable of the two. Since you can't get rid of your own Imperfections, you can’t expect anyone else to do so by loving you and you definitely can’t expect perfection from anything or anyone you love. It works better that way.


If someone reads what I write and doesn't like it that's a matter of opinion, but if someone reads what i write and doesn't want me to write anymore then that's a matter of fight


It used to be they said only death and taxes are certainties, but since a few decades have passed under my bridge, I can add Change to that axiom because it is certainly going to change, like tomorrow is always coming but the axiom says it never comes but unlike tomorrow, Change will come.


The movement now is more about what happens on the internet. The internet has certainly made office worker's jobs easier, and those who learned typing in high school can take advantage of the progress a keyboard and the storage of documents has made life easier. And then there are the robots, programmed to take over the spot welding but I don't know why it's so exciting to think this is the way of the future because it still takes a season to grow food though mixing a few compatible chemicals might make a meal but the slow evolution of our bodies will make trying to fly as difficult as it's ever been.


Everybody has their day (history), nobody has tomorrow (revolution)


Take one for the Lord, take one for your government,

take a bullet in the head for freedom and the american way.

take one for the earth or the cheetah running down the gazelle,

but please don't say you're taking one for me.



Democracy: a political convention whereby common people select recycled politicians in order to officially maintain/retain the status quo. In theory, it is based on the traditional family kitchen table decision making process whereby everyone gets their say until a decision is made by one for everyone, including whoever is the dog.


If freedom isn’t free then it isn’t freedom. If freedom isn’t free then we must be in america, Dorothy.



Some of us humans most precious inventions have been double edge swords, such as writing, guns, and money. Writing because lies can become permanently imbedded as truth, guns because we no longer are equal to the animals, thus rarely can be humbled by nature, and money because it’s only intrinsic value is a purely psychological acceptance of authority and power.

Women know that gossip, rumors, and deceit move more quickly and make more noise than truth does to the ears and intuition.

Men, on the other hand, don’t listen nor dance, so there is no difference between true or false. It’s whatever goes good with beer, pizza, and guns.

That’s why if you want people to listen, first tell a lie to get whatever attention you can, then tell the truth. The lie will make history, the truth will make weak tea.

The o’s

It’s hard to say whether I’m the world’s biggest obscurantist or the world’s least obsequious.

O, I just read that Rahm Emanuel was declared ineligible to run for mayor of Chicago. A judge declared that he hadn’t resided in Chicago long enough to meet the residency requirement. He might be able to overcome this obstacle if he can get Israel to build a couple of settlements there in Chicago.

O, I bet everyone wants one of those new smart guns the military is getting.

It can see through things.

Unproven Science Fact #1

We Humans are different under our skin, deep down inside our genes.

Not true.

We are products of our world environment, in the same way everyone’s acid trip is different than another’s.

I’m not born gay and not born straight.

I did not choose my skin color. My gender.

Yet things came to me because of one thing or another I possessed.

Nature did not care because whatever I was born with, would go with me when I died.

The world makes us. We don’t create the world except in a contrived way.

Laws, cities, technology will eventually go away. Look at troy, or the dial phone, even the b-52, and the mighty battleships of ww2.

manifested into responsibility, liberation, and security. All said with beautiful words and gestures


Isn’t It any wonder that the only amendment anyone seems to understand is the second amendment. Put a gun in everybody’s hands, but give everybody a “right” like the rest of the amendments all you get is “what the fuck…? Evidently the only amoral thing in the world is the gun and the only ‘evil’ is humanity itself.

Does anybody really believe these fools, anymore? Obama has proven that he is just another president who makes imperial fascism sound acceptable and reasonable by All his lofty rhetoric about responsible imperial power manifesting itself despite outdated and worn simplistic, democratic ideals, that making progress in an insecure world such as the one they created for u,s impossible. like this time  bringing democracy and freedom to the people of the world through happy face military power- Without exception, They all do the same thing, regardless if it’s Hitler appealing to the German people about reunification or Obama  believing the Afghans and Iraqis and soon the Iranians will all be better off by accepting limited roles and rules over them. The moment we leave Iraq, then Afghanistan, the area will explode into a million warlords, or worse yet, unlimited religious fascist and dictatorial principals. This country has squandered its dreams and even worse, its money, which is the only thing that can fuel dreams, like the American dream. No wonder our social fabric crumbles, our education disintegrates, our freedoms erode. It doesn’t matter, whether democrat or republican, we are suckers.

Get your brain out of your ass and your ipod.

Everybody’s story has been told a thousand times over. But go ahead start at Page One with yours.


It’s complex I know, what we’re trying to forget

Has such great memories in it.

And we can’t forget what never happened

nOr remember what we can’t forget.


If personal is political

Then certainly self- interest is as human as greed, it’s kin.

Maybe somebody should check the white house for lead or other toxic chemicals, As it seems whoever lives there begins to exhibit strange behaviors, Such as the loss of rational reasoning and the adherence to stubborn principals, Such as “weapons of mass destruction” or “bipartisanship“, Things that don’t exist, so, yes, a form of wishful thinking.  So now we have a president who is merely the voice of the dummy we had previous.

Like equating war with fighting evil. What about violence? Just the common mans war without the state behind it. Shit, Mr President, you’re going to the mountaintop all right, but not for the ten commandments or to fulfill anyone’s dream.

You’re a fucking nightmare.

I feel sorry for the kids cause they will suffer from residual effects, Like second hand smoke.

We voted for change, not spare change.


Israel Has the Nuclear Bomb.

There I said it,

Now everybody has to say it

Whenever we hear Israel say,

“Fuck you, we’ll do whatever we think god wants us to do.”

We have to stop thinking of Israel

As a bunch of sincere, frightened jews just trying to make

A living in a hostile world, different than the rest of us,

Rather than for what Israel really is,

Another hypocritical, cancerous government,

Mean and unprincipled, but assuming it’s existence is preternatural.


It’s not global warming we have to worry about as much

As global mistaken beliefs

Such as god let us do it, as in the case of Israel,

Or god wants us to do it, in the case of america

And a bunch of lesser desires from lesser gods, I live in a culture addicted to war,

In the same way jews are psychologically addicted to the holocaust,

This culture I live in is addicted to war.

Neither America nor Israel

Can get far enough away from their needles.

Before their addictions force them

To shoot somebody up.

Unlike the common junkie though,

They have an unlimited supply of no mercy.


Love   love

Love her

Old love, young love,


Dry love

Wetdream love,

Love lost

Then found love,

Recycled love

Antonym love


Sex love

Then just sex


Then s..e..

Then just s..

Then, I guess, the white light

At the end of tunnel


Floated through the day

Higher than a sky diver

In a subterranean way,

Came a moment in the subway,

Your face lit up like mother of pearl

loud cloud


Socialism is the only humane way

Capitalism is the true human way

Because it’s more human nature to feed the greed,

Than to seed the needs of salvation.


National Iraqi Sovereignty Day

Maybe 1 million dead, maybe 2 million displaced

No electricity in most places, less security than under Saddam Hussein,

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!

Slavery is more the norm throughout the world,

Rather than the exception,

And though the ball and chain

Is no longer the rule, except in cartoons and marriage,

Most labor is forced from our souls,

Rather than us giving to each other

What we naturally have to contribute.

work is the individuals contribution to society.

Those who can’t work or won’t work or who do purely theoretical/intellectual work

Contribute in a passive way to the societies progress.

If humans destroy the sky, destroy the dirt, destroy the very essence of humaneness, Then even math points the path tells to suicide.

Memorial Day 2010

While we memorialize the 650,000 odd American soldiers who for various reasons of their own, chose or were chosen to serve and eventually die in the many 20th /21st century wars America chose to wage or initiated, let’s also mention the untold millions who were the unarmed civilian victims/casualties of those 650,000 American lives.

There is nothing valiant, beautiful, or brave about war, there never was and there never will be.

There is singular first person, the dominant language structure of the egoist (individual), then there is the subjective objective the dominant language structure of government(paranoia), then there is subjective personal, the dominant language structure of authority (subjugation), and finally there is personal, the dominant language of advertising. Politics(oppression)


I’ve been taken on some long rides and I’ve driven some too.


Loneliness is the purveyor of all romantic lies, the conveyor upon which rides all our truths. Most of us will say or do anything to not be lonely.


All government is the arm of the whoever is the most powerful in any society, whether it be the rich, the military, the workers. Needless to say, the most powerful is always temporary because we live in a world of time-infinite time- and the government is like a toy everyone wants to play with or wants back if it’s been taken away, so the whole process-whether you call it democracy, military coup, or consensus it’s impermanence is guaranteed. It’s what gives us hope that things will change, isn’t it?- allred black


Sure, I’m a racist. I don’t like white people. They’re boring, they’re argumentative to the extreme, and they’re greedy.


Texas Two Step

What if the roman empire hadn’t had the death penalty, then there’d be a chance jesus would still be alive, and we’d just have to keep him outta Texas.


It’s said by some, and I didn’t say it, I’m  just repeating it, that the devil can quote scripture any way he wants to suit him. So the way I get around the devil is not believing anyone who quotes scripture and doubt myself if I use scripture to support anything I want to do.


War is an expensive hobby, the same for outfitting the police.

It’s the price we pay for security against our own human nature,

Such as it is.  A bastion of self destruction, like a snake eating its own tail.



There’s not a dimes worth of difference between Aminajad and Netanyahu and that pennies worth is the difference between a real war criminal and a wanna be war criminal only, So when these two guys start ww3, whose side you gonna be on?



Why isn’t the Summer of Love and its aftermath considered as important as The Paris Commune. Both events lasted only a couple of months and had similar fates. The Commune was smashed by French National Guards and the Summer was dissolved in acid and self interest. In either case, the protagonists were left for dead or left to follow the Grateful Dead.


The lord and the communist party work in strange ways


I’m all for progress

If everybody’s in on it.

So this creation of artificial sperm won’t have the slightest effect

On my pleasure



Immortality by merit, romulus around 500b.c.


Be a loud shout strong muscled tongue lean poet machine

Exercise your power of speech daily


War is a nations abortion,

And kills a beating democracy.

If catholics want to stop abortion,

Make healthcare free to all pregnant women,

Birth control universal,

Subsidize the first year of childhood,

Free housing,

And, of course, free daycare.

Try it.

Or do you think just hellfire and damnation and prison

Should be incentive enough to nurture a future pope

Or savior.

The bible says jesus is coming back through heaven

And not the womb this time so you don’t have to worry about that.

Some future mary deciding she wants her well- being rather than an immortal child



It’s the people who obey the orders who scare me

Not the ones who give them who you can ignore.

It’s the obeyers Whose conscience is devoid of reasoning.

For when consent is based on authority alone

Freedom and true democracy cannot reign,

Democracy is merely giving consent,

Not relegating power.


I killed one man to save a 100,000.(Charlotte Corday)

What kind of philanthropy is that?

---------From the bottom Up Part 1----------Nowhere but up from here.------


Living in reverse.

I am caught up in what’s called a conumdrum.

The ruckus in the stock market over Greece deciding to vote on it’s own economic woes rather than be controlled by outside interests is one of those political contradictions.

First of all, why do we think the stock market is a barometer for any economy. It’s merely a reactive element. In all the sudden downturns of the market, including the Crash of 1929, the drop was precipitated by a long term greedy reality. No one knew the banks and other corporations were failing until they failed, then the market reacted.

In fact, the stock market indicates nothing. If the economy in Greece and Europe is bad then it’s bad and no buying spree on the market relieves or precipitates what happens next.

Second of all is this.

Only forty to sixty percent of eligible citizens between 18 and death vote. That makes a mere twenty five to thirty percent in a tight race actually decide the winner.

But look who we get when we vote. Mediocrity straight down the line. Mediocre explanation of the issues before election day, mediocre discussion, mediocre legislation. Let’s face it, America isn’t for everybody. Democracy gets horrible people, such as Hitler, Adminajad, Bush, Netanyahu, Thatcher. And in a tribute to a Howard Zinn Universe, I can’t think of one “good” politician the democratic process has produced.

Socrates might have disapproved. And if you say so who gives a fuck what Socrates thought, nowadays.

Democracy is a stupid way to run a government. It temporarily gives citizens the power to give their power to somebody else who is going to think only that they are some sort of godlike being because once elected they think they represent somebody besides themselves.

It is the people who obey the orders who are responsible for the acts, and not the people who give the orders. The “social contract” that we have to go along with whatever the powers that be decide is like attributing some sort of “natural” inclination to make society akin to nature, that is becoming powerless to change it’s course once we decided it’s course. At least, nature operates without a will, unless you’re willing to say out loud you believe nature is god’s will so your aunt Hilda who was killed by a tornado ten years ago was involved in some sort of divine intervention thing.


I think nearly everyone can agree who knows about history that what Hitler and the german  people did to the jews was wrong,

So why are there so many different answers when it comes to every other atrocity, especially the ones committed by the Zionist government in Israel.


We don’t need anymore revolutionary theory, in fact, if all the theorists, educated and uneducated alike, lived like they spoke, then like magic, we could all breathe again, because they would be so busy surviving like the rest of us, we could ignore them. But instead they get air time along with the suits, ties, and hairdos who give us the news

Inside out.


Just as people breathe a sigh of relief/release, saying he’s not such a bad guy after all, or he’s not as bad as I thought he would be, I feel a quickening disappointment because like all the others, he feels he has time on his side, and we all know how quickly the past becomes the future. Why is it that the powerful always feel moving an inch at a time is the right speed in countering the force of opposition to any idea. The world has had many progressive voices, some more powerful than others, some more successful than others, but if you measure progressive time by history’s heartbeat you will notice there is no pulse.


There was, and maybe still is, among European elites, a saying-  Hitler gave anti-semitism a bad name.


Antiphon-Time is a thought or a measure, not a substance.


Bishop Berkeley-to be is to be perceived.



Forget about love springs eternal,

War is the only forever.




Allred’s Contradictions.


Contradiction #1


Why is it we are only looking forward when it comes to getting ( or giving) justice to the goons who brought us the patriot act and torture and fear mongering and only looking backward to the corporations who brought us their inequitable health care models because they (the pres and congress) don’t want to start from scratch with health care. Obama was constantly saying why try and fix a system that failed, yet that’s exactly what he’s tried to do. Is all these guys (presidents) want is to get their names down in the 564th edition of a grammar school history book.

It’s like this guy, like all the guys, never studied a history book, just some laws. Does he actually believe that those allies that have socialized medicine really didn’t have to start from scratch? Does he really believe that Milosovic, Idi Amin, and others were far worst than those jokers who ran ( and run) our government.? Doesn’t the law try and prove intent? Or is he just another sucker for 9/11 hysteria. Believe me, I’m a hell of a lot more terrified of right wingers of every feather than a muslim conspiracy contrived by a bunch of assholes who got lucky and who we’re supposed to believe that if they got a nuclear weapon the world would come to an end when every major country ( as if being a country gives some special statutory sanity to handle THE BOMBS). Look at Israel, a mad dog country if there ever was one. It’s willing to use a nuclear weapon to prevent the use of nuclear weapons against it. What a fucking insane principle. Oh yea, that was the Cold War, the past. But I’m not supposed to look at that unless I’m looking at health care models of the major health care corporations.

I don’t mind only looking forward and can forgive and forget but if I’m going to have to look both ways all the time, give me back george bush because I knew exactly where he was. He was the greatest anti-history buff I’ve ever seen. This country is fixated on redos, renews, rehash, and extreme makeovers.(Allred note-Since the above words were written we elected Donald Trump, Impeachment, Coronavirus Pandemic and who knows what else is coming up, like I’ve said before, “Where’s our Berkman?”)



Why does the right christian wing insist on straight out Darwinian thinking shit like survival of the fittest, which is all capitalism is about, and at the same time whine about teaching evolution in school. Who cares if our bodies got to where they are automatically, I worry about where our heads are coming from and where they’re going with our willpower and don’t care if they’re six thousand years old or six million. I would rather be a smart -ass ape than a dumb- ass angel anyway.


Love is the about the closest we can get to god,

If you want to get to god, that is.


I get a kick out of the anti-universal health care advocates. Like they think doctors will suffer if they have to provide care to everyone, and these people’s ideas of suffering freedom are way too much. They think they have freedom if they have choices, lots of choices, yet act as if someone isn’t controlling the choices, such as the corporations that convince them their offering all the choices that exist. Yea, it would be too much to ask for a car you have for a lifetime, that will run for several hundred thousand miles, be energy efficient, go anywhere you want, just not have five hundred different shapes, colors, and different maintenance problems.

Look under the hood, man. That’s the only thing that counts.


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