My Talk with Akure by Frederick Foote

                  My Talk with Akure


Akure, my son and the sunshine of my life, in his eighth year, asked me,

"Why are White people trying to stop us from voting?"

I said, "Because they can. Because they want to win always.

Because they fear people who aren't White.

Because they don't want to lose their power and privileges."

He said, "That's not right, good, or fair."

I replied, "Listen. From their perspective, White is right. And what is good for them is good for the nation. Fairness is only fair when they prevail."

"Why are they so mean, greedy, and evil?"

"In part because they are White. They weren't born White. They had to learn to be White. Some say that Whiteness is an illness, a disease, an infection, a corruption of the soul, a curse.

But I say that they learned to be this way. To make sure they learned to be White, their parents separated from Non-White people. They lived in segregated White communities and went to segregated White schools that taught them how to be White.

One of the first lessons was to look and see that Whites are here and the Non-Whites are over there. The Non-Whites do not have good schools or good neighborhoods, or rich parents. The Non-Whites are poor because they deserve to be poor. And Whites are rich because they deserve to be rich.

They attended all White churches that affirm that God and the angels were all White. And that God made White people in his image. Alabaster Jesus separated White and Non-White as the natural order of things. They preach the gospels of the gun, the rope, and the night rider.

Whites watched movies, television, read books, saw plays, and played games that reaffirmed that White people were the proper rulers of the world and the center of the universe.

They were indoctrinated with the idea that beauty is based on Whiteness, and intelligence is what White people are good at. Success is when White people win.

They were taught how to use the law, government, the economy, and tradition to debase and exploit Non-White people.

They learned early on to use law enforcement to terrorize Non-White people and turn a tidy prison profit.

They also were taught that this Whiteness had to be constantly reinforced and the racial separation maintained for life.

Once they learned to be White, they could justify any mistreatment of any non-White. And the White Community would reward their cruelty with celebrity, financial gain, and high social status.

Remember, White people, aren't born White. They learn to be White, and it is a lifelong endeavor. Very few White people escape Whiteness, and even fewer want to.

I think that is why they are so mean, greedy, and evil."

Akure sits staring out the window for several minutes. And he finally says, "It sounds like they are angry and scared. That's why they are poisoning themselves. Is there any way we can help White people?"

That question is why he is the sunshine of my life.



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