The MorE tHingS chANge

(Amendment: Below is another example of the mOre Things Change , the More they Remain the Same. Since I wrote what is below the american people have elected Donald Trump, a Fascist, as their president, have been willing to endure for the sake of the Institution rather than the reality of the Constitution, (that's what you get when the nation is ruled by lawyers and run into the ground by those who hire the lawyers). Yes, racism, pandemic, impeachment, and what's next….?

Can any body dispute what I've said?)


Trying to kill tyranny with tyranny is as old a concept as, well, let's say, trying to establish democracy with tyranny. Tyranny never equals anything other than tyranny. It doesn't work but when you live in a society such as ours it's easy to believe that changing who is in charge of the government actually changes something. Many countries have had a series of tyrants running their military and it's never changed a thing. Different faces, same results. We're about to try and elect a woman as President, right after the black man, who came after the southern sax playing Welfare Killer and corporate lover, who came after the Great Communicator and in between a couple of them there was the  former head of the CIA and his son who ran the presidency as if he were a simpleton King with his henchman, Oliver "Dick Cheney" Cromwell. Not a dimes worth of difference between any of them. We have the same problems even though we call them by different names. Different spins.

We don't have educational segregation but now we don't even have an educational system. We don't have Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, Cambodia, Palestine, the Cold War but now we have Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, War on Terror. There are probably ten other major conflicts we've been involved in and the stage is being set for the next generation wars, the wars we can manage from the air but even that isn't new because we tried to eliminate The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese by dropping  record numbers of bombs from B-52's which were the untouchable war machine akin to the 'stealth' technology our military uses today. B-52's dropped their payloads from so high in the atmosphere military generals laughed at how easy it was. Carpet bombing. Look what we gained. Maybe the most positive thing you can say about the b-52 was no one was going to make their own in their backyard, like what's happened to the drone. Pretty soon terrorists yes, but mostly criminals and other predatory people will be using drones as frequently as visiting the corner grocery store.

Some people say we are governed by the military. I say that. It's not just the use of technology to establish dominance by violence but is just as much of what's in the hearts and minds of political leaders. We are a military empowered society. Regardless of what's happening on the ground in St Louis, or New Jersey. And in this age of subliminal violence that dominates and controls us, militarism and religion is at the heart of and in the minds of all those who wrongly believe that deadly force rids the world of cruel and violent ideas. 

ISIS is the creation of men like our leaders who think they are god but who essentially don't believe in anything except power and wealth. Isn't it ironic that Congress and the President are in agreement, finally? Obama put off his immigration policy, for the sake of democrats struggling to win election or re-election, as if immigration reform doesn't exist. Both parties here in the US have no new ideas because the world they are creating is not new, except in its title, New World Order. It's all about oil, resource control, and religious hegemony. Make no mistake about it, folks, we are living in the end times though there will be no return of armored heavenly trumpets and gods form of fascism but the actual attempt to completely eliminate all forms of dissent. They are willing, ever since, 9/11 to throw the baby of freedom out with the bath water of real democracy. Unfortunately, ISIS, as the Taliban before it, or Zionism, or Nazism before that, all have the distinction of looking like formidable myths, but, in reality, are only ideologies, coming from the inside because of what's happening outside of us. We have been brainwashed with media hype for decades now on how we need to defend ourselves, if you believe the media, which is a creation of the military/CIA/industrial complex to make us fearful.

Whenever I hear of a new threat, I look around me, at the inhabitants of my local community and what do I see? Parents of all ethnic and cultural beliefs and fears simply going about their business of trying to get their kids educated, working, and trying to survive without a thought about ISIS or the Taliban or the wars in the Middle East. Maybe some of them have sons and daughters who are in the military so they have concerns for them but could care less or know even less about the politics of what their kids are involved in. How can anyone really know the depths of insanity our politics can muster for the sake of ideologies that have been so corrupted and abused, that very few knowledgeable people even try to piece together everything that's wrong. The ones who are supposed to know and create an atmosphere of democracy, which only an informed public needs in order to make legitimate choices, give us cliche, simple scenarios about complex issues, and worn out-used-recycled politicians.

We went to war in Iraq and probably, Afghanistan on a lie. It was a pure power grab. In the no- end in sight war we're engaged in now, the Taliban turned out to be more resilient than the United States. Just like the communists in Southeast Asia. The Taliban is still there and has to be a opponent worthy of negotiating with despite the fact they are more vicious than ISIS. When Al Quaida attacked us the Taliban had control of Afghanistan for years prior for one reason and one reason only. The United States helped them gain power, despite knowing their religious zealotry, to defeat the Russians, who were as foolish then as we are now. If we think we can kill all those who hate with precision air attacks, then there's probably a thousand other places on the planet that have to be scoured. Syria is a good example of a foreign, religious, weapons industry centered war. ISIS came out of Syria but inside Syria and nearly every other North African and middle eastern, sub-continent country are the seeds for violence and hatred. From our side, the hate and violence comes from a more intricate philosophy that is as anti-democratic as it is anti-freedom. All one has to do is look around and it's obvious. People won't be contained by borders nor will they sit still if their homes are destroyed, nor will they forget who destroyed them.

That's the problem, Obama and America. The people won't forget, they'll take on the next one.

Stop colluding with fascism.



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