Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast

Part 1-
you are living in the free world and
in the free world you must stay. Phil Ochs

Since he is getting older and especially since he, like the rest of the civilized world, is riding out The Covid-19 tidal wave in the relative safe environment of Amazon, Fed-Ex, UPS “essential” deliveries, making jobs for thieves as well as drivers, and contributing to the future by exposing himself to social media via Zoom, Hangouts, Duo, electronic banking- furthering job opportunities to hackers, thieves, African based scams, and homegrown sex illusionists, he is sharing the little pearls of wisdom he has gleaned from Life and living it to the fullest.

The security I'm looking for is the security of NOT knowing what my country is doing in my name. Or even yours. Call it the security of innocence, not naïveté, but Innocence. We've all lost all or so much of our Innocence and once you've lost it you can't ever retrieve it, even if you try and lose yourself in the nirvana of Buddha, or the big bosom of wealth,

The rule of law
The rule of law has always been the continuous conflict between those who believe the law is suitable for everyone but themselves. Modern democratic nation states like to believe themselves capable of producing a higher and higher degree of sophistication in obtaining fair and impartial interpretation of the law.
That's their first mistake. Going back to the Bible, Talmud, Koran and many other standardized versions of what is law, who gets to punish lawbreakers, who are lawbreakers. In a fascist state, any fascist state whether ancient or modern, whoever controls the enforcement of laws gets to break the laws without punishment. So the question becomes, as Hannah Arendt didn't say, the fight is to see who can get away with breaking the law unpunished and who has to pay the price for breaking the law. 
All that is strictly determined by what questions and what answers they create for themselves when they decide what is a law. All the questions and all the answers contained in the above mentioned books and others have already been asked and answered in a thousand different ways. Every Anarchist should be proud to say, you can pick any answer to any question and you're probably right.

Of course, if climate change is left unabated the possibility that extinction would be the most extreme outcome is more possible. But let's be honest. Climate change is a slow process that for however long it exists, the troubles of society will continue to be exacerbated. A lot depends on the politics of economics. If capitalism is in place, I don't see any abatement there, the corporate interests will respond to dwindling resources in certain parts of the world, to redistribute temporarily unaffected resources to the parts of the world able to bring profit. Look to similarities to modern day distribution. In as much as the third world is already at the bottom of economic prosperity except as cheap labor, which it will continue to be. Resources in economically depressed areas will be protected and local communities will fight each other to be employed at these corporate strongholds, whose products will go from the ground to more wealthy nation states worldwide. Again, this is a current condition and the pressures of the current state of affairs will increase as climate change becomes more effective in destroying the more easily obtained, transported, and utilized resources. The small nations, not in the real food chain, will disintegrate into regional conflicts as extremist elements in all societies attempt to gain some control where there are none.
In other words, not much different than what we already have at the present time. Just different music to the world game of musical chairs.


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