Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rant #1- Men in Ties


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A General Strike?


I'm interested in movement organizing strategy... lots of people discussing this topic right now.  If

the 9th Circuit does right will Trump ignore the decision.....sort of Andy Jackson reborn from the Bank Fight and the Indian cases of the mid 1830s?  

I watched the NPR show tonight on the Oklahoma bombing of 1995. Amazing how much force the cops used and the resources they had, which turned them all into boneheads on steroids who drove McVeigh nuts. 168 Dead!

The way thinks are going, that Reichstag moment could comer soon than we may have anticipated.  Labor is too weak in numbers and political strength to lead the United Front, and the broader post Woman's March movement is too inchoate at this point to fully predict how it will emerge ?  Yet, I'm optimistic.  I have visited or done a little work with a few different organizations recently, and there are large numbers of people getting involved, perhaps more than were coming forth in the 1968-72 period?  It sort of feels that way.  However, we also must be consider that there may be great danger ahead.   A serious terrorist event may lead to a state of emergency and "his illegitimacy" will rule by fear.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Translation of Inaugural Address- by Frederick Foote

Dear Readers, you may have missed Donald Trumps’ inaugural address out of antipathy and disgust. However, the address was very revealing if you understand Trump Speak. Trump Speak is a dialect that has its foundation in misinformation, exaggeration, lies, bellicose bombast, and self-promotion.

This vernacular assumes that the one correct view of the world is Trumps. And every other perspective is not just wrong but is a treasonous affront to Trump and, therefore, a seditious insult to the nation.

I’m far from an expert in Trump Speak, but I have provided my translation of the inaugural hectoring on Across the Margin at: